What is Redland video surveillance service?

Redland video surveillance service provides a useful tool for retail and non-retail business to monitor, control, and record unforeseen events and suspicious activities in a variety of locations.

Also, it might be useful to identify potential risks and awful people or situations in the workplace such as:

  • Shoplifting, employee theft, administrative errors, and fraud.

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How can Redland video surveillance service help your business?

Redland video surveillance service offers the best cost-effective solution to capture and document any event, keeping an eye on your premises and its operational processes in specific situations or for a set period.

Whether you’re concerned about security or loss prevention issues, a video surveillance service offers the straightest and more efficient way to document and gather evidence to open an investigation process and take action to achieve your safety and loss prevention objectives.

Redland video surveillance technology will allow you to:

1. Get evidence to take actions when needing to properly:

  • Identify individuals in cases of break-ins, vandalism, burglary, theft, clandestine operations or any other criminal activity committed within your facilities or around it.
  • Conduct internal investigation process or support police investigation regarding fraud, monetary transactions, shrinkage, intellectual property theft, unauthorized/illegal activities, etc.
  • Manage claims and insurance issues related to casualties or liability for non- compliance.
  • Resolve internal disputes among employees, customers, managers or owners by determining facts.

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