What is a Redland undercover security guard?

Redland undercover security guards are security officers plain-clothed and low-profile with specific training to go unnoticed in the environment where they operate.

These techniques and training allow them to detect unseen illicit activities and their skills and duties vary depending on clients’ needs or safety measures deployment.

What is the difference between an undercover security guard and uniformed security guard?

Differences go beyond the outward look: while uniformed security guards are mainly for deterrence purposes, undercover security guard services are more often used for detection, investigation and apprehension reasons.

They both perform security tasks and can work either together or separately.

Redland Security Investigation provides both types of services and the necessary advice to blend them with the latest technology to achieve your safety and loss prevention objectives.

Why do you need Redland undercover security guard services?

The 2017 National Retail Security Survey showed that shoplifting and employee theft are still the primary cause of retail shrinkage, followed by administrative errors and fraud, which cost U.S. retail economy about $48 billion in 2016.

The retail business environment and other business use security guards to combat criminal activities but, in some cases, uniformed officers need the help of undercover security guard. Why?

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Five reasons why you need Redland undercover security guard service?

  1. Advice. We assist your retail business with loss prevention programs and security operations.
  2. Best practices. Loss prevention programs are based on business features and elements such as top management support, employees behavior, available resources and administrative methods.
  3. Confidentiality. Our undercover security guards can conduct internal investigations by identifying, exposing and discreetly apprehending criminals.
  4. Accuracy. Our officers are particularly skilled in observing and reporting unusual activities such as misconduct, drug or arms dealing, direct threats or even terrorist activities.
  5. Comprehensive system. Our undercover security guard service includes cybersecurity technology to detect trespassers actions that tend to go unseen and avoid standard safety measures.

How does Redland undercover security guard service work?

Redland undercover security guard service provides security and protection for retail business and other organizations. Our consulting team evaluate your current situation and suggest the best options according to your specific security needs.

Redland undercover security guard service consists of:

    • Customized Loss Preventions Plans.
    • Unusual activities observation and report.
    • Shoplifting, employees theft, and other criminal actions detection.
    • The safe apprehension of shoplifters and criminal suspects.

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Who are the officers of Redland undercover security guard service?

Many of our undercover security guard are former police, military, or law enforcement officers. Regardless their experience, becoming a Redland undercover security guard implies to complete a rigorous training program that includes various control procedures and techniques such as:

  • Monitoring.
  • Screening.
  • Patrolling.
  • Apprehension.
  • Reporting.
  • Personal protection and social interaction.

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When to use Redland undercover security guard service?

Redland undercover security guard service provides security personnel for identifying situations that often go unnoticed or handle security issues in a discreet manner.

An undercover officer can help when necessary to:

  • Identify shoplifters and trespassers.
  • Detect suspicious activities.
  • Apprehend criminals unawares.
  • Prevent or reduce shrinkage causes.
  • Run loss prevention programs.

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Where to use undercover security guard service?

Redland undercover security guard services provide certified security officers for a variety of business and locations that include:

  • Commercial areas, such as office complex, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, shopping center.
  • Residential areas, such as houses, apartment complex, condos, townhouses.
  • Venues for large or small events, such as concerts, festivals, parties, sports events, conferences, or any social events.
  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Marinas, Private Clubs.
  • Schools, colleges, education centers.
  • Airports, parks, parking lots, hospitals and other healthcare centers
  • Federal, State and Municipal Governments services and facilities

Our undercover security guard services are available 24/7/365 in South Florida Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier, and Lee Counties.

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