What is a Redland unarmed security guard?

Our unarmed security guards are private security officers hired for protection tasks commonly used in low-risk areas or situations where armed force is not required.

Since they don’t carry weapons, they’re able to perform a wide range of security tasks ranging from detection and surveillance to report and hold potential aggressors. Also, they can call for armed guards, law enforcement officers and even arrest offenders.

Unarmed security guards provide assistance and physical security to both people (family members, personalities, dignitaries, employees, customers) and properties (homes, businesses, facilities, equipment, assets) by using preventive measures and setting up security protocols to determine break safety regulations and take actions to deter criminal activities.

When to use Redland security guard service?

Redland unarmed security guard service assists to ensure order, give individual or corporate protection or reinforce security either single event or long-term contract services.

In most cases, authority figure presence of unarmed security guards can help to create a safe environment by preventing illicit behavior and deter some criminal activities.

Redland unarmed security guard service put their clients first and provide personnel when necessary to:

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Where to use Redland unarmed security guard service?

Redland unarmed security guard service provide certified and uniformed security officers for a variety of events and locations that include:

    • Guard posts, entrance and exit doors, information desk and another access point.
    • Residential areas, such as houses, apartment complex, condos, townhouses.
    • Commercial areas, such as office complex, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, shopping center.

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Why trust Redland unarmed security guard services?

Our unarmed security guard service provides assistance and protection performing security duties in a low-risk environment and other situations.

Also is an excellent option when concerning potential property/individual attacks or special events safety.

They become a proactive asset to any security team: while they’re adequately trained to handle conflicts in a peaceful, professional way, they’ve been proven as an effective crime deterrent as armed guards without using deadly force.

How does Redland unarmed security guard service work?

Our primary goal is to provide security and protection as varied as our clients require.

Our consulting team evaluate your current situation; then, they suggest the best options attending your specific security needs.

Redland unarmed security guard service consists of:

  • The physical presence of uniformed and certified security officers.
  • Qualified personnel (retired military or police experienced).
  • Best operational safety practices.
  • Customized security plans.
  • Excellent customer support and on-site supervision.
  • Detailed regular activity reports and incident reports.

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Who are the officers of Redland unarmed security guard service?

Redland unarmed security guards are highly skilled professionals, duly certified and uniformed, able to supply all the security needs when their clients’ ordinary or special events take place.

Many of our unarmed security guards are former police, military, or law enforcement officers. Regardless their experience, becoming a Redland unarmed security guards implies to complete a rigorous training program that includes various control procedures and techniques such as:

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