What does track a person service do?

Track a person is a follow-up procedure using different technologies and devices such as GPS tracking, location-based or real-time locating systems, apps, computers, mobile phones, radio, satellites, etc.

Tracking services have arisen a controversy about whether it’s morally correct knowing anyone’s movements all the time, besides the ambiguity or non-explicit US applicable legal provisions on data protection.

However, while some bring out unfaithfulness and right of privacy, track a person service go beyond “spying” matters since nowadays it’s increasingly required for industrial and commercial sectors to upgrade processes, control systems, and logistics.


We provide high quality and cost-effective tracking solutions to perform these activities:

  • Tracking and location through mobile apps, computer software, and websites compatible with GPS tracking devices.
  • Monitoring devices of individual or groups simultaneously.
  • Remote control of devices.
  • Get reports and online access to travel history including images, time and location data.
  • Receive alerts when the tracked person or object leaves a predefined area or detecting inconsistency.

Redland Track a person service is an advantageous means to locate people as well as assets in varied situations and has a wide range of purposes either personal, business, or industrial.


  • Keep track of your children on phone, tablet, and computers; also monitor school attendance.
  • Track your pet’s location in real-time in case of loss.

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