What is Redland secure logistics service?

Redland secure logistics service performs security operations and safe transport of valuable cargo when moving from one location to another.

Our secure logistics trained personnel is in charge to handle, deliver and guarantee the integrity and security of shipment at all times, from its point of origin to its final destination.

Also, we offer logistical support to transport any type of goods including cash, currencies, high-value or high-risk products such as raw material, electronics, food, drinks, fine art, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, building materials, precious metals, specialized auto parts, computer parts, etc.

Why do you need a secure logistics service?

Both, 2017 CargoNet and SensiGuard reports agree that building, industrial products, food, drinks, home and garden products and electronics headed the most-stolen products during the past year; also, marked full truckload theft as the most common theft type and accounted Florida state for 9 percent of thefts nationwide.

According to this numbers, cargo theft remains a significant risk for companies who in addition to financial losses have to deal with brand image damages and insurance costs increasing.

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How does Redland secure logistics service work?

Our primary goal is to provide security and protection as varied as our clients require ensuring cargo integrity from its point of origin to its final destination.

Our consulting team evaluate your current situation and suggest the best options according to your specific security needs.

Redland secure logistics service provides logistics support to make sure proper cargo handling and delivery, including:

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Who are Redland secure logistics service officers?

Our secure logistics service is designed for safe transport and delivery of goods.

Redland, both officers, and the team have extensive knowledge of standard operating procedures to prevent and deter theft, loss or damage to your cargo performing specific tasks such as:

  • Safe driving of transport units.
  • Set up security plans and risk management processes.

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When to use Redland secure logistics service?

Redland secure logistics service provides security personnel to carry out in-transit operations when handling and transporting cargo.

Our secure logistics service can help your business when necessary to:

  • Coordinate itinerary, drivers, and escort team tasks running on schedule.
  • Detect criminal activities that may prevent or reduce transport and operational risks such as theft, sabotage, security breaches, and damage to cargo.
  • Alarm monitoring, alarm response, and run contingency plans or access a backup team if required.
  • Attend to fleet movements meaning, observe planned route, schedule, driver’s safety, and high-value best practices.
  • Advising and management of threats and vulnerabilities.

Where to use Redland secure logistics service?

Redland secure logistics service provides constant security for a variety of business, locations, and scenarios.

Our certified security officers maintain supply chain safe and keep theft and assault threats off when transport of valuable cargo from one place to another performing security tasks such as:

    • Driving shipment to or from ports, airports, train stations, local and national roads.
    • Door-to-door delivery (local, interstate and international shipment)

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