What does a Redland mobile patrol do?

Redland Mobile patrol service consists of trained security officers using a patrol vehicle to assist in deterring crime measures by monitoring facilities and reporting suspicious activities or any unusual event.

Mobile patrols provide security on key point and vulnerable areas by carrying out a random system patrol that has proven be an effective means to deter theft, vandalism and other criminal activities.

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Why do you need Redland mobile patrol service?

Mobile patrols aren’t just a few officers driving around in a vehicle; their duties take on a variety of clients, situations and specific security needs that sometimes static security guards are unlikely to complete.

Many clients dismiss hiring a mobile patrol service because they can’t see any difference from a security guard services and may even consider it as a waste of money.

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Where to use Redland mobile patrol service?

Redland mobile patrol service provides certified and uniformed security officers and patrol units for a variety of locations such as:

    • Commercial areas, such as office complex, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, shopping center, hotels, and car dealership.
    • Residential areas, such as houses, apartment complex, condos, townhouses.
    • Schools, colleges, universities, education centers.
    • Construction site and industrial parks.
    • Open areas like golf courses, marinas, recreation parks and parking lots.

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When to use mobile patrol services?

Redland mobile patrol service provides security personnel and mobile units for safety patrolling at large residential or commercial areas, especially after working hours.

Mobile patrol services are advisable when necessary to:

      • Detect and report suspicious or criminal activities occurring within or around patrolled areas.
      • Check for unauthorized persons, break-ins, vandalism or any security violation.
      • Protect VIP, executives, dignitaries, celebrities.
      • Escort security staff when transporting cash, payroll, equipment, works of art, or another value.
      • Prompt response to alarm systems or security guard calls.

Who are Redland mobile patrol officers?

Becoming a Redland mobile patrol officer implies to complete a rigorous program that includes various control procedures and techniques such as:

  • Patrolling.
  • Observe and report abilities.
  • Monitoring, Screening.
  • Violent criminals behavior/handling.
  • Law enforcement best practices.
  • Operational firearm training.
  • Personal protection and social interaction.

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How Redland mobile patrol service work on your security?

We provide security and protection services as varied as our clients require. Our consulting team evaluate your current situation; then, they suggest the best options attending your specific security needs.


All Redland mobile patrol services include:

  • A communication system of our own, logistics and leading technology for instant response.
  • Qualified male or female security officers (retired military, police and law enforcement experienced).

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