What is redland k-9 unit security guard service?

Redland K9 unit security guard consists of a cost-effective, quality and reliable K9 unit providing varied, customized solutions to your specific security needs.

A K9 or K-9 (a homophone of the word “canine“) is a dog (also known as a police dog) that is specifically trained to assist police and law-enforcement personnel performing a variety of duties on crime prevention and public safety.

Dogs have been used by law enforcement for centuries, they are highly trained members of detection teams and have become an invaluable tool and resource for police departments and communities around the world.

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Why use redland k-9 unit security guard service?

Even with all the technology available a trained canine have proved to be the best option for security and protection tasks that only they can do with their unbeatable abilities:

A dog has over 300 million olfactory receptors making their sense of smell more sensitive than a human’s in almost 50 times! so they can sniff out and distinguish components of drugs, weapons, bombs or a specific smell.

Studies report that a single K9 unit is “as effective as three patrol officers”, covering large areas in less time, under the most extreme conditions and incredible accuracy!.

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When to use redland k-9 unit security guard service?

K9 units are proven to provide faster response time and also to take less time to perform time-critical tasks like track and search.

This very accurate ability is a helpful tool to handle unpredictable situations when conducting a single event or a long lasting work.

Redland K9 unit security guard service provide assistance in these cases:

  • Events, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, parties & venues.
  • Threats or harm to executives, artist or sports celebrities, politicians and other personalities.

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Where to use redland k-9 unit security guard service?

Our K9 units are properly trained to perform security activities in different areas. Patrol dogs can be safely deployed for various purposes and several locations such as private or public schools, communities, business, construction sites, parks and other open areas.

Redland K9 unit security guard service offers protection to all your assets according to your particular needs and situation:

  • Guard and prevent damages to residential properties, commercial facilities or infrastructure of your business.
  • Values theft of such as money, jewelry, works of art, vehicles or machinery.
  • Conduct searches in buildings, offices, warehouses, event venues, open areas, agricultural and maritime development areas.

Guard dog k-9 rental service

Catch and release option

Many of our clients have either fenced in exterior property protection, or enclosed facilities where K9 units are deployed after business hours and retrieved before normal business operations resume.

Having K9 Guard dogs on duty in or around a facility ensures maximum protection against any type of intrusion.

As additional benefits, our clients do not have to deal with training, lodging, feeding or maintenance of our animals.

Who are the members of redland k-9 unit security guard service?

A K9 unit consists of a dog and its handler working together as a team forming a strong bond based on professionalism, correct attitude, tactical obedience, and physical performance.

Handlers learn how to work with the dog, and the dog learns what to do when given handler’s commands. To achieve the best result they use positive reinforcement but even more significant, both of them have to be trained and certified before they take on their duties.

Dogs are trained to be “single purpose” or “dual purpose” service dogs. While single-purpose dogs are trained in protection, search, and tracking, dual purpose dogs, in addition, are able to do specific tasks including detecting narcotics, weapons, and explosives.

Meet Redland K9 unit security guard service (Staff, Warranties, Awards, Providers, etc.)

How does redland k-9 unit security guard service work?

Redland K9 unit security guard service provide dogs and handlers that comply with high-level standards of security operations for private-sector businesses. They also have continuing training and certification.

All our Dogs and Handlers certifications allow them to perform the duties involving:

  • Patrol units tasks for search and rescue.
  • Canine behavior, and security dog supplier.
  • Handling and subduing techniques.
  • First-aids.
  • Canine policy and legal compliance.

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Why choose us?

30+ years of combined experience
Innovative technology
Certified, licensed, insured and bonded
Extremely background checked personal
Strict personal supervision
24/7/365 dedicated customer care center
Highly experienced and trained professionals
Impeccable personal appearance


Security dogs must accomplish various obedience training tests to obey commands of their handlers without hesitation.

Since many guard dogs breeds come from Europe they are trained in their native language (mostly Dutch and German).

K9 dog and handler work are a hard one, it requires physical and emotional training 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dedication and commitment and to be ready to respond to emergency situations or extended duration events.

Reading body language is an essential key to identify potentially risky situations and subsequent actions.

Dogs learn to understand their handler’s body language and their commands, which are designed to evaluate a situation and create the desired response on the dog: intimidate, relax, engage, etc.

Likewise, dogs behavior indicates the handler an imminent danger or a successful find.

Their aggressive behavior is shown “in the line of duty” so to speak, but they usually live at home with their handler, so they become part of the family and can incredibly combine both work and home life.

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